Games with high stakes

Contrary to popular belief, a huge bankroll is not the only way to realize your potential as a high roller. To be really successful, you need a game where you can bet high.

Despite the fact that online casinos are loaded with thousands of every possible and unthinkable slot machine and table games supplied by a multitude of software providers, it is actually much easier to find a lowroller's paradise than a game worthy of the attention of active whales.

Following this point, a little warning don't expect to come across high-limit tables or fruit machines with hellishly roaring highs here and there. Like the real high rollers themselves, games that can match everything they showcase aren't found at every turn.


On the other hand, the rich libraries of the best online venues allow you to take advantage of some high-paying contributions that are rarely seen on the Strip . For example, you'll have a pretty hard time finding French roulette tables in Vegas.

Internet casinos, in turn, offer a fantastic RTP of 98.65% of this single zero wheel for all corners of the world in both the HGC version and the live dealer version . What's more, if you know where to look, you can bet up to a whopping $65,000 per spin right in the genuine atmosphere!

Black Jack

When it comes to Blackjack, another hugely popular casino classic, several top game manufacturers have something to suit the style of high roller gambling: Dragonfish's American Blackjack comes with an impressive maximum bet of $15,000, and Microgaming goes even further, offering $20,000 in its High Limit European Blackjack.

Just as with roulette, live tables leave room for higher stakes. Specifically, Fortune VIP Blackjack from Evolution Gaming is allowed a maximum bet of $25,000.


Once inseparable from the bright lights of Las Vegas, the famous poker pros don't shy away from the challenges posed by modern technology. They are no longer on cable TV, instead, believe it or not, the Stars play online, so don't be surprised to see one of the legends in the Live Poker Room.

Even though the years of the $1,000 blinder boom and $100,000 stacks on Full Tilt are over, there are still plenty of highlights to be discovered online. There's no need to look down, as the $20,000 stacks may well cause a couple of adrenaline bursts.

Definitely not for the faint of heart, most high-stakes games today offer $250/$500 blinds, although in some places they can reach four digits.


Speaking of dice , you can find a table at the Live Casino with bets of up to $1,000 per roll.

Sure, some casinos in the city of lights can offer five times as many throws, but if you live far from the gambling Mecca, local establishments are unlikely to offer you at least about the same amount.


Finally, it's time for the world's most beloved entertainment, which is also the most diverse industry. Of course, we are talking about video slots, which are not only presented in a great variety of themes, but also with very different betting ranges.

It should be noted at once that despite the huge number of studios dedicated virtual one-armed bandits, not all of them are aimed at large players, so the number of games with really high stakes not so much. - Over the years, the Bollywood slots rankings have included a number of unwavering slot machines that are among the best in the slots world. What is the reason for their popularity and why has interest in them not waned? The list of the best ones includes technically unique and thematically exclusive emulators that stand out from the rest of the slot machines. This is more advanced software that can not only provide aesthetic pleasure, but also bring financial gain.

The usual maximums rarely exceed the $100 or $200 mark, which is certainly a lot for the average player, but not as appealing to those accustomed to working with a lot of zeros. Following this idea, some brands are expanding their offerings with games that allow you to bet $1,000 per spin or even.